viernes, 9 de junio de 2017


One of the most staggering charts in the world right now is Nvidia Corp. The chipmaker is up over 240 percent in the last year, and over 50 percent since early May. There are a lot of trends right now that seem to be working in its favor, but one of them is the fact that increasingly its chips — along with competitors like AMD's — are being used for the mining of cryptocurrencies, as Camilla Russo reports, Now some people are going to roll their eyes at the mere mention of cryptocurrencies, but that's fine. Here's one simple argument why you should be interested: It's one area of tech that's not being absorbed by the Googles, Facebooks, and Amazons of the world right now. At a time when the world's biggest internet companies are exhibiting incredible network effects, and crushing everyone in their wake, this is one investable industry that remains outside that universe. For that reason alone, the digital currency space is worth having on your radar.

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